CLINICAL OBSERVATION: Marked improvement in a severe case of narcolepsy but not catap...
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About 25% of all schizophrenic patients may be misdiagnosed and instead suffer from j...
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H63D syndrome (Oslo Syndrome) is clinically the iron sibling of Wilson's disease
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H63D Syndrome renamed Oslo Syndrome
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HFE H63D mutation: why are you killing your patients?
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CRHP Advanced Risk CalculatorĀ  Risk assessment in skin-cancer prevention: The CRHP Ad...
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Management of skin lesions with the C-Rapid- H-Plus Protocol
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Possible false-positive HIV test results in persons vaccinated against Sars-CoV-2 vir...
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Statement of concern: The current enthusiasm for vitamin D as an aid against Covid-19...
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Reports about a highly virulent variant of HIV-1 circulating in the Netherlands is no...
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Treatment of chronic constipation in patients with neurological disorders
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From pandemic Covid-19 to endemic Sars-2 Omicron Disease: is Long Covid still an issu...
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